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Our Sweets


Sweet Jar Choices

Large jar choices:

Strawberry BonBons V Gf

Raspberry Bonbons V Gf

Flying saucers V Ve 

Vanilla fudge V Gf

Rum and raisin fudge V Gf

Chocolate fudge V Gf

Large marshmallow twists Gf 

Sugar coated marshmallows Red Gf

Sugar coated marshmallows Green Gf

Sugar coated marshmallows Blue Gf

Sugar coated marshmallows Yellow Gf

Small Jar Choices: 

Liquorice Allsorts Df 

Liquorice Wheels V

Raspberry Bonbons V Gf

Strawberry Bonbons V Gf 

Swizzle Loveheart rolls V Ve 

Chocolate Jazzies V

White chocolate Snowies V 

Fizzy Bubblegum bottles V 

Flying saucers V Ve 

Fizzy strawberries V Ve Gf 

Sour dummies V Ve Gf

Fruit jellies V Ve Gf 

Fizzy Cola Bottles V Ve Gf

Small pear drops V Gf 

Pineapple Cubes V Ve Gf

Cola Cubes V Ve Gf 

Gold chocolate coins V Gf 

Pink/blue/silver mix chocolate coins V Gf 

Vanilla fudge V Gf 

Rum and raisin fudge V Gf 

Chocolate fudge V Gf 

Chocolate covered raisins V Gf 

Jellybeans Gf 

Dolly mix Gf 

Haribo mini jelly babies

Haribo Heart throbs 

Fried eggs Gf 

Standard cola bottles V Gf 

Red foil Caramel filled chocolate hearts V 

Shrimps Gf 

Sour strawberry pencil bites 

Pink loveheart Jazzies V 

Juicy Lips Gf 

Heart marshmallows Gf 

Powdered jelly babies Gf 

Friendship rings Gf 


V Vegetarian

Ve Vegan

Gf Gluten Free

Df Dairy Free